How do I have my website send email through another provider instead of my server?


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There are many reasons to not use your server to send email referenced here in our email FAQ guide.

This tutorial explains how to send email via another provider using the WP Mail SMTP Plugin.

Sending mail via another provider can be complicated and time-consuming to configure, although it can be very affordable when compared to other mail delivery options. We recommend MailHawk or SendWP as the fastest and simplest way to get your WordPress emails delivered.

Set Up WP Mail SMTP

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To set up WP Mail SMTP to send your website through another provider, follow these instructions:

Documentation for WP MAIL SMTP Support for Different Providers

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For Mailer, click here

For Outlook Mailer, click here

For SendGrid Mailer, click here

For Pepipost Mailer, click here

For MailGun Mailer, click here

For Sendinblue Mailer, click here

For Gmail Mailer, click here

For Amazon SES Mailer, click here

For other SMTP Mailers, click here

WP Mail SMTP Support

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If you choose to use WP Mail SMTP to send your website’s server email through Google, and need technical support you can contact WP Mail SMTP here:

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