Advanced Marketing and Student Engagement with LifterLMS + WP Marketing Engine

This is a guest post by marketing expert and entrepreneur Kim Albee. She is the founder of WP Marketing Engine and President of Genoo. Kim specializes in helping small and midsize businesses gain traction with their marketing in a way that really helps them systematically grow their business and revenue. She does this by providing practical strategies and integrated online marketing tools that maximize resources, drive more leads, and convert more of them into customers.
I’ve enjoyed connecting with Kim over the past year discussing LifterLMS and learning from her about her work in marketing, sales, and lead management. In my last meeting with her I was really impressed with what she’s been able to offer to the LifterLMS community when combining the WP Marketing Engine software and LifterLMS.
Don’t be mislead by the name WP Marketing Engine. It definitely helps get the sale, but that’s only half the story. It also can be used to maximize engagement in your online course, learning management system, or membership site.
Enter Kim Albee…

How Can WP Marketing Engine Help You Get More Leads, Sales, and Student Engagement?

_WP-Marketing-Engine-2Do you want to easily and cost effectively offer your expertise to the world in a way that you can scale and grow without the tech headaches that usually accompany building an online business?
We explored many options for offering a community with training classes for our new email marketing automation offering, WPMktgEngine.  We wanted to make sure that people would have access to comprehensive training, not just on how to use our product, but on how to think about their marketing.
We explored different membership offerings, like S2 Member, Digital Access Pass, and more… And we explored different learning management systems also, including Teachable (which is its own SaaS platform).  Ultimately, we found LifterLMS, and we fell in love with it for a variety of reasons – it’s coded really well, has terrific APIs (application programming interfaces) so it’s easy to integrate with – which we needed to achieve our vision.
Then, we decided that we would build an extension for WPMktgEngine to integrate LifterLMS user activity, as well as membership and class purchase information, directly into the lead record stored within WPMktgEngine, giving an unprecedented view and additional automation capabilities, than any other email marketing (or marketing automation) platform on the market.
Why?  Because we work with a LOT of small businesses and entrepreneurs, and we understand that “tech” is not your first language (or your second or third).  You want to build a business, not spend your time (or paying a “web dev guy” forever) piecing together a solution that will allow you to run your business.  The problem is, you spend a lot of money and still don’t have what you really need.
We solve that with WPMktgEngine.  With WPMktgEngine, you can more easily understand what is happening across your leads and customers – so you can better build campaigns and engage your leads, while also turning your customers into raving fans who continue to buy from you.  With the LifterLMS extension for WPMktgEngine, the integration is automatic and immediate.  YOU are the beneficiary.
Watch my interview with Chris to see for yourself the dynamic duo of WPMktgEngine and LifterLMS:

You can get integrated email marketing automation working for your business.  What are you waiting for? To welcome LifterLMS users, we are offering you an introductory “get on board” deal. Use Coupon Code LIFTERROCKS to receive a 40% discount off of your first year of WPMktgEngine Conversion Pro package  — but you must act before November 15th, 2016.

About Kim Albee

Kim Albee WP Marketing Engine Integration LifterLMSKim Albee is the founder and President of Genoo, providing entrepreneurs and small businesses with best-in-class marketing tools and processes that turn your WordPress powered site into a marketing and engagement machine that helps you grow.