LifterLMS WooCommerce 2.0 Rolls Out into Beta with a Wealth of New Benefits

The LifterLMS WooCommerce add-on just got a lot more powerful

2.0 is a major upgrade from the previous version.
The main feedback from our WooCommerce users is that they wanted the Woo way of selling courses and memberships to be as powerful and the native LifterLMS access plan eCommerce system.
The short of it is that at LifterLMS we heard you, and have now made that possible.

So what’s new in LifterLMS WooCommerce 2.0?

1) Instead of relating courses and memberships to products you can now relate access plans to products (and product variations!).

2) Course and membership pricing tables will now look like native LifterLMS pricing tables, except pricing information will be pulled from the WooCommerce product.

3) It is now possible to create one-time payment products which EXPIRE by utilizing access plan expiration functionality!

4) You can use FREE access plans which will move students through the native “Free Enrollment” checkout process provided by the LifterLMS core instead of having to create a $0.00 WooCommerce product. This allows a free checkout to feel like a simple opt-in enrollment rather than a “checkout.” It is also possible to do things the old way and link an access plan to a $0.00 product if you prefer that user experience.

5) All the above is additionally possible with subscription products (and subscription variations) when using WooCommerce Subscriptions. You will still need the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin if you choose to sell LifterLMS courses and/or memberships via WooCommerce and require any kind of recurring payments.
6) Members Only product functionality has been reworked and extended to product variations.

7) Each product (subscription) variation can have it’s own membership restriction. Simple products retain preexisting functionality.
8) We added the ability to customize the language for the “Members Only” button displayed when the visitor/user doesn’t meet the product restriction requirements. Each product/variation can be customized to be unique or to use the site-wide default “Members Only.”

9) We added an option to redirect non students from a course or membership page to a WooCommerce product.

10) We added a way to return to the LifterLMS course or membership page from the associated WooCommerce product.

Do I need to use WooCommerce instead of the native LifterLMS eCommerce?

Not necessarily.
For many, the native LifterLMS ecommerce system and a payment gateway like LifterLMS Stripe and/or LifterLMS PayPal is all they need.
Here are the common reasons to choose WooCommerce as an alternative.

Here’s what I’d like you to do next …

If you are using WooCommerce to sell your LifterLMS courses and memberships, check out the LifterLMS beta testing program.

Testing the beta version of LifterLMS WooCommerce 2.o on your staging environment is a great way to get ready for the new benefits that are coming and to provide valuable feedback at a key point in the development process.
If you have any questions about LifterLMS and WooCommerce, contact us here.