Beta Testing

What is beta testing?

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Beta testing is an opportunity to test and provide feedback on early “pre-public” versions of LifterLMS and LifterLMS add-ons.

Beta testing is meant for development sites, not live production environments.

Joining the beta

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To join the beta, you first need to have the LifterLMS helper plugin installed which you can download from your account here on the LifterLMS website.

If you have the LifterLMS helper plugin installed and active, you can access the beta testing area by navigating to:

LifterLMS > Status > Beta Testing

Enable Beta

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To enable a beta version in your development site, toggle the option beside the product you want to beta test from “stable” to “beta.”

Reporting bugs and contributing

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We welcome contributions of all kinds, review our contribution guidelines on GitHub to get started.

If you encounter a bug while beta testing, please report it at

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