Spotlight On: Konrad Sroka, ThemeKraft

It’s time to Spotlight another one of our LifterLMS Experts.  Let’s get to know Konrad Sroka from ThemeKraft!

What are your hobbies and interests outside of the internet?

I like surf; travel; design; music; patterns and nature; mathematics; psychedelics; mind & meditation; permaculture; people and group dynamics; throwing yourself and others unexpectedly in awkward situations is my favorite.

3 words your best friend would use to describe you…

Haha, don’t know. (Editors note:  Clever, Konrad…that is 3 words…)

What first made you interested in web development or design? Why do you do what you do?

…Ohh there’s been many things coming together. First I love to design stuff.
Then I fell in love with designing things that are made for screens, not print. But I was more of a self-taught graphic designer those days (around 2007).
Around 2008 I met Sven Lehnert, who became one of my closest friends, and we both started in 2010.
But before that, we first met on a crazy party, and he was a programmer who needed a designer, while I was a designer who needed a programmer. I could not code for shit, as much as his design was pretty much a black and white table. It was a perfect match.
We went on and built a social network for subculture parties and cool things happening in our city and around, be it Drum’n’Bass or Psytrance parties or some self-organised freak artist events, all those kind of things.
…and just at that time BuddyPress popped up, and we’ve suddenly built this theme with a couple options.
This very theme became to be always in the top 5 most downloaded themes on around 2011-2013 – the Custom Community theme.
And over these years I fell in love with coding and front end design.
Nowadays I don’t do any graphic design really. Mostly just coding, and 90% front end related – for me all of it is design related in the end. Just love designing hot front end stuff.

What’s a little known “fun fact” about you that you would like to share?

I really got into Permaculture, and now I helped launch a Permaculture online course this year!
This is how I came across LifterLMS!
Check out the online course here, with free introduction course.  🙂

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

It’s changing every week, but right now coconut-vanilla.

What part of the world do you live in?

I live in Australia right now, but I am from Germany.

Famous last words (anything to add)…

Life is bizarre, enjoy it and don’t work too much!