Smart Corporate Training and Organizational Development Systems

You don’t have to be a big corporation to reap the benefits of corporate training and professional organizational development.
Businesses of all sizes can tap into the power of learning development to forward business goals.
Online courses and learning management systems are not just for profit seeking education entrepreneurs and schools. Learning also happens on the job.
Businesses can be optimized through strategic learning objectives.
Here are the 3 big opportunities for smart leaders in the corporate training and organizational development space …

1) New Employee or Contractor Onboarding

It’s amazing how informal the approach to new employee onboarding can be in small businesses and large corporations alike.
Often there is very limited structured onboarding in place with a trial by fire approach as the main methodology.
Also common is simply putting a senior experienced worker in charge of mentoring and training the new hire.
Mentoring is good, but it’s very hard to scale!
What if you had a system where new hires had an online course curriculum they needed to complete even before their first day on the job?
What if you blended online training, shadowing mentors, and trial by fire approaches to create a more complete onboarding experience?

2) Increase Fun and Engagement

The other big opportunity that comes with the integration of online training into your organization is the possibility of bringing some fun back into your company culture.
What if I told you that you can bring fun and engagement into some areas of your business that are traditionally thought of as boring and unappealing?
There are people in your company playing games with their friends on their phones and using things like fitness tracking apps with badges to reward healthy behavior.
You can also gamify your internal training!
Your staff can earn badges and certificates as they advance through your training.
When done well, gamification can be not only fun, but also down right addictive (in a healthy way).
Wouldn’t you want your team excited about excelling through your company training program?

3) Value Capture

Uncaptured value is the most important opportunity for smart leaders in the corporate training and organizational development space.
What if I told you that you might have a very significant sized hole that leaks a ton of value out of your business consistently?
One important goal of most smart business owners is to fill themselves with A-players.
A-players are hard to keep sometimes if they find a better opportunity or if you are unable to create a first rate environment for them to operate in.
When an A player leaves, you also lose the mental playbook that lives in their head which details how they operate in your business.
Sure you may have trained them, but they probably improved on your systems. That’s what A-players do.
If you do not allow your team to help create lasting online training material, you are missing a big opportunity to capture value from your top performers. This value can extend beyond their employment with you once it’s been curated into some kind of online training asset that you own.

If Your Business is Ready to Benefit from an Online Courses Strategy Implementation …

It’s time to build out your new internal training site.
If you are ready to learn new skills as a corporate trainer or organizational developer, it is perfectly acceptable to roll up the sleeves and learn the new skills required to build an online course delivery system or learning management system “LMS.” If you are interested in having a professional put together your platform to leverage online courses in your business, click here for a special video message and contact details.
If your main business isn’t online course systems, why not move quickly and avoid mistakes by letting the pro’s handle the set up of that piece?