Change Your Mindset to Unlock Coaching Business Momentum

Chris Badgett was in a Facebook group full of coaches where he noticed someone asking for help with their mindset. She said she was struggling with mindset issues. She said she had all the membership site software technology, content, and tools to operate her online learning platform but somehow she never really felt “quite there.” These mindset issues manifested negatively in procrastination, perfectionism problems, and a sense of having no real clear vision.

It was Steven Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, who said,

“We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are.”

Once Chris heard that back in 2006 or so he realized how much of a mirror the outside world was of his own inner world. And so his personal development journey intensified with renewed focus on the “inner game” of mindset.

Perhaps you’re struggling with one of these mindset challenges…

  • Progress in the coaching business feels sooooo slooooooow.
  • Procratination is everywhere and important things are not getting done
  • Coaches start obsessing over random tech or marketing tactics to make an excuse not to launch

We’re going to help coaches level up their mindset so they can …

  • Move fast again and feel the incredible rush of momentum building a business and helping people at the same time…
  • Prioritize and execute so they can get tons done without excuses
  • Do the work of coaching and building an online business without detouring into shiny object syndrome

The 5 key principles to a healthy coach’s mindset…

1) Authenticity is freedom. Move past a fear of being judged to step into the coach’s power, calling, and true identity.

2) Take massive action. Move past victim thinking where others, circumstances, and past stories are to blame.

3) Be OK with being a work-in-progress. Move past a feeling of not being ready. Move into steady forward imperfect action, launching the coaching program and working with clients, while improving on the fly.

4) Think BIG. Moving past setting goals, vision, and projects that are too small and not worthy of our actual potential.

5) Use an alter ego to help step into power. Defy a lack of confidence by developing our superhuman self image on the field of play.

Chris used to struggle with feeling comfortable making videos for online courses and marketing. He looks at his oldest videos and it brings him back to how uncomfortable those were. It was through the mindset upgrades here that he was able to overcome the mindset challenges of being on video and in front of crowds. He’s since made thousands of videos and appeared on hundreds of webinars without the mindset hang ups. He’s not perfect though; He’s still a work in progress.

There’s a myth for coaches that they just have to work harder and be more productive. There’s a lot of this hustle culture focus out there these days. But what many coaches actually need is mindset upgrades like the ones mentioned here.

If you are a WordPress professional building sites for coaches or the expert industry, being aware of these mindset challenges can help you keep your projects on track, and ultimately help your clients be more successful. When coaching business clients start delaying the project and focussing on some shiny object, you actually have an opportunity to coach them on their mindset using the ideas here. Help them be themselves and be OK with being a work in progress.