The Big Membership Plugin Mistake

Have you ever felt confused when trying to select the best membership plugin for your training based membership site? Let’s clear this all up once and for all today.

There’s this great membership site creator Facebook group hosted by Mike and Callie Willows. I see people every day in there asking for membership plugin recommendations when what they actually need is a Learning Management System (LMS) with membership features. I’ve seen far too many people regret their membership software decision down the road because it didn’t have LMS features.

Perhaps you’re struggling with one of these membership plugin challenges …

  • There’s too many membership plugin options
  • I’m worried I may select an outdated incomplete membership software
  • I’m concerned the membership plugin I choose won’t scale as my business model evolves

We’re going to help you avoid the biggest mistake that membership site creators make so you can …

  • Move forward with the best membership plugin for WordPress
  • Move forward with a complete all-in-one solution
  • Move forward with a scalable membership plugin that can scale with you as your membership needs evolve

The 5 key principles to avoid the classic membership plugin mistake…

1) Define the term “membership” and how you’re using it. People use the word membership to refer to the LMS website, recurring revenue, subscriptions, controlling access to content, a business model, and more. Learn all these different terms to differentiate what you are thinking or talking about.

2) Training based membership sites are more than just restricting access to content beyond a paywall. Most memberships also need the ability to structure content into online courses with progress tracking, learning tracks, and reporting like you can do with LifterLMS.

3) Choose a membership solution like LifterLMS that can scale from a simple Zoom coaching business, to online courses combined with coaching, to a multi instructor online learning program.

4) Focus on creating a learning experience more than how much money you want to make and the lifestyle you want to have as a result of your successful membership website. When we focus on the top quality learning experience for our learners, revenue follows that.

5) Select an all-in-one training based membership site solution that has membership, ecommerce, engagement, and all the LMS features you need built in so you don’t end up with a “Software Frankenstein” membership site.

We built LifterLMS in 2014 because at that time we were building custom training based membership sites for niche experts and there were no solid solutions on the market that combined membership site, learning management system features, ecommerce, and engagement features. When you choose LifterLMS, you are choosing the most customizable powerful feature-complete membership site platform tool available for WordPress.

There’s a common myth that you need a separate membership plugin for your training based membership site. While that was true in 2010, that is no longer the case. As you can see in this report by WP Fusion and their survey of their users with membership plugins, LifterLMS is the top WordPress LMS “courseware” solution that has membership functionality included.

If you are just building an association or organization website that has a membership fee, you can still use a membership plugin for that. If you are building a training based membership site, then use a WordPress LMS plugin that has membership features built in like LifterLMS.




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