LifterLMS 2.3.0 is Here with More Engagement Power

Another evolution of LifterLMS is hot off the press.
In LifterLMS 2.3.0 I’d like to focus on 3 new areas that you can enjoy.

1) A New Engagement Trigger for Purchases of Courses or Memberships

LifterLMS Course and Membership Engagement Trigger
One of the many things that makes LifterLMS stand out above other WordPress LMS and online course solutions is our focus and commitment to making courses and online learning in general more engaging.
You can now trigger a LifterLMS engagement (achievement badge, personalized email, or certificate) off of a course or membership purchase.
For example, you could deliver an achievement badge immediately after purchase to help build excitement in your learner. If you want some achievement badges to get started with, check out the badge packs that come with LifterLMS Pro.
You could also have a personalized onboarding email go out immediately after purchase to guide your new student on what to expect. Think of it like an orientation of sorts.
Let’s say that after 30 days from purchasing a specific course, you would like to have a personalized email automatically go out promoting another course you offer. Now you can do that!

2) Enhancements to the Engagement Delay

Just like in the example above where we’re sending out an email 30 days after the purchase of a specific course, you can control the engagement delay.
There’s no limit into how creative and strategic you can get with your engagement plan.
We encourage you to think about your learner’s journey over time and use engagement delays to spread out the experience and interact at key points in time that you find work well to create the most powerful learning experience and drive your education business forward.

3) A Complete Overhaul on the Engagement System

LifterLMS EngagementsOne of the great things about the LifterLMS project is the growing community that surrounds it. We are on this journey together as your technology partner.
You give us feedback and help identify where functionality needs improvement, and we listen to that.
I’d like to extend a warm thank you to the community for helping us refine and invest in optimizing the engagement system into a more unified whole. You’ve helped us identify and fix some bugs in this area. We’re not perfect, and we appreciate you pointing out where we may need to adjust something. So thank you again for engaging with us with your needs and experiences with our technology.
If you’d like to connect with us at a deeper level and help support the LifterLMS project, consider investing in LifterLMS Pro so you can get priority support, live access to weekly development office hours, and other goodies.
Let’s make great courses together!