WordPress Companies Get More Leads & Sales via LifterLMS Integration Partner Program

LifterLMS is known for being the most integrated, community focused, and co-marketing partnership driven WordPress LMS solution on the market.

Community is our top company value at LifterLMS. It’s why we contribute our core WordPress LMS plugin for free to the global community at no cost. And it’s why we go to such great lengths to collaborate with other companies (big and small) that integrate with LifterLMS. Everybody wins way more when community is prioritized over hoarding all the value.”

~ Chris Badgett, LifterLMS CEO

If your product directly integrates with LifterLMS, or you’re thinking about integrating so LifterLMS can promote you, please contact us here about your integration or plans to do so.

Here’s an example of how the popular Astra theme integrates with LifterLMS with a powerful suite of options in Astra’s theme customizer:

Why Partner with LifterLMS

LifterLMS is made up of a super passionate team that is excited about eLearning and WordPress! We are focused on building the WordPress and course creator communities to grow our ecosystem, evolve our product, and create the best experience and network for our users!

We feel like we’re just getting started, even though LifterLMS has been around since 2014. Our team is having a lot of fun and enjoying the journey! We would love for you to come along on this adventure with us!

As an example, leading WordPress hosting company Cloudways has joined us on that journey to innovate and remove friction for people setting up WordPress LMS websites quickly and easily.

Partner Benefits | Co-Marketing

We will promote your product’s integration on the LifterLMS site, recommended resource portal, inside the plugin itself, email newsletter, and on our social media platforms reaching over 100,000 education entrepreneurs and WordPress professionals!

You will have the opportunity to create a guest blog post, join a podcast episode, and present a dedicated webinar to review all of the features of your integration!

Here’s an example podcast interview from our integration partner over at Grassblade LRS:

What We Need From You

Part of our process is to review the integration on a LifterLMS trial site. This will let us review the integration so we can preemptively get any potential conflicts or bugs fixed. This review process also allows our support team to become familiar with the integration to streamline customer support without having to send users to other support channels for help.

We also request Getting Started documentation with the integration so users have a clear path to follow to set up your product’s integration with LifterLMS.

For example, here’s how WP Fusion documented their integration with LifterLMS so you can seamlessly integrate LifterLMS with your CRM:

Our Review Process

Once we have access to your plugin integration or sandbox site, we will begin the process of testing out all the cool features you’ve created, how they interact with LifterLMS and our add-ons, and our most commonly used themes. This is first and foremost to allow our team to become familiar with how the integration works, but also allows us to make sure that there won’t be any conflicts between the two codebases.

This process can take some time, so we ask for some patience here. But also please don’t hesitate to reach out and see how it is going or if you have any new information we should be aware of.

Once we’ve finished the review of the integration, we will let you know that we’ve moved on to the co-marketing steps! We will get our design team to whip up an awesome co-marketing product banner, and once we have this posted on our various marketing channels, we will let you know where you can find your integration!

This will also be the time where we can start setting up those guest posts, podcast, and webinar opportunities as well!

As an example, here’s the webinar Groundhogg CEO Adrian Tobey did for the LifterLMS community to add value and generate more leads and sales for his business:

Continued Partnership | Back Channelling

One of the reasons we go through the review process is so that our support team can back channel with your team in order to help users who come into our support with questions on your integration! We like to help resolve issues with your LifterLMS integration if we can without having to send users off to another support desk.

To accomplish this we would love to have back channels between the LifterLMS team and your team to not only co-market, but also co-support our users and make their experiences as smooth as possible!

Likewise, we’d like to make ourselves available for questions and cross support as well for any of our shared users that come through asking for help. The less people who slip through the cracks the happier our users are all around! Everybody wins!

Interested in Partnering with LifterLMS to Grow Faster?

If your product directly integrates with LifterLMS, or you’re thinking about integrating so LifterLMS can promote you, please contact us here about your integration or plans to do so.

Also, as the WordPress LMS with the most advanced API available to accelerate your product’s integration speed and capabilities, review the LifterLMS developer resources here.