How to Keep Online Students Engaged in 2023

Online teaching has immensely gained popularity due to the pandemic. Before students were not that involved in online tutoring. Because they don’t like the whole concept of learning online. But the pandemic has changed everything – their concept, beliefs, and thinking.

Nevertheless, it is still true that keeping online students engaged is not that easy. You need to adopt new and new tactics now and then which will make your students motivated in learning and engage online. 

That’s why here we have listed down the 7 most effective strategies that will boost the engagement of your online students. Go through them one by one and utilize those in teaching online to make your students more engaged.

1. Use interesting teaching materials.

Teaching materials play an important role to drive your students toward online learning. Because students love to learn through interesting and innovative teaching materials rather than books or boring slides. This is the very first step that you should take to divert and engage your student in online tutoring. 

That’s why prepare a unique learning material that will actually your students like. Don’t make your online classes boring by using the traditional learning process. This will decrease the engagement of your students and make them less motivated to remote teaching.

2. Increase engagement by providing group tasks.

Students love to work in groups. Besides, it will help them to brainstorm effectively and provide the best result possible. Group tasking not only helps your students in brainstorming but also boosts the engagement of your students. 

How to Keep Online Students Engaged Using Group Tasks

Therefore, if you want to become an online tutor and make your students more engaged, then must provide different types of assignments using your LMS and group tasks to your students. Furthermore, this will also teach them how to do teamwork and group tasking which will help them in the long run. 

3. Make them feel their presence matters.

Most of the time students don’t get the attention they want during online teaching and learning. It is one of the main reasons that make your students less motivated in online teaching. So, you must focus on it while remote teaching. Pay attention to all of your students and make them feel that you are always ready to help your students. This will greatly help your students to engage online.

4. Arrange creative courses with certifications.

Students habitually give less importance to that online teaching courses that don’t provide certification rather than courses with certification. They think courses with certification will add value to their career and they can use them in the future which they actually can. You can use this tactic to increase the involvement of your students in online teaching courses which will make them engaged online.

5. Include Q/A sessions.

This is a must if you actually want to increase the involvement of your students. For example, arranging a quick Q/A session will make your students more focused and they will pay attention more. But an online class without Q/A or feedback sessions won’t boost the engagement of your students that much. 

That’s why make sure that, you have a quick Q/A session after wrapping tutoring if you really want to make your teaching successful. 

6. Ensure to have room for entertainment.

Don’t make your online classes boring by continuous learning that doesn’t have any room for entertainment. People need entertainment and so do your students. It is proven that students engage more in fun-loving courses rather than monotonous courses. So, try to cut jokes while tutoring online. 

This will boost engagement and motivate them more in online learning. Besides, it will change the whole learning process which will be more inspiring and enjoyable. 

7. Give challenging tasks.

Finally, wrap up your tutoring by offering challenging tasks related to the session. As a result, students can utilize the knowledge that they have gained from online tutoring. Besides, for effective online teaching and learning, you need to make sure that your students get everything that you have taught online. You can only verify this by giving challenging home tasks

Furthermore, this will also raise online students’ engagement. No matter how much big or small your session is, always end your session with innovative tasks that will make your students think more about your session and help them to engage more online.

Wrap up

So, these are the few tactics that are going to boost online engagement. Teaching online and earning is not that easy. You need to engage your students during online tutoring. Otherwise, it won’t be that effective and due to lack of effectiveness, your students will leave your classes. Thus, you can’t be successful in online teaching and earning. That’s why make sure to utilize these strategies on how to keep students engaged in online learning.