Drip Course Content: Why It is Needed for Creating Better Online Course

Drip Course Content: Why You Need it for Creating Better Online Courses

Your course participants manipulate the way you are delivering courses to them. If you provide courses to your students all at once, they might lose interest in taking part. Also, they can feel courses are made for in general without focusing on their pain points. As a result, the engagement of the courses will fall and so the sales.

To avoid this, you must put thought into how to deliver courses effectively. In this case, the best strategy you can use is to offer lessons in your courses gradually which is called drip feeding.

Now, do you know how to add courses using the drip method? If not, then read out the blog thoroughly where you will learn everything about the drip course, its benefits, and lots of other stuff.

What is a Drip Course?

Drip course means scheduling courses to deliver the lessons gradually after a predetermined time. It can also refer to drip-feeding which means offering lessons like the dripping of water. 

Why Should You Use Drip Course Content?

Drip Course Content: Why It is Needed for Creating Better Online Courses

Selling courses online is difficult and most of the time people stay in a dilemma about what to do to boost sales. That’s why they adopt various strategies now and then. 

Among those, one of the most effective strategies is utilizing the WordPress drip method. Because it is packed with considerable benefits that can push your business to the next level. Take a look at the advantages that dripping courses offer:

Boosts course engagement:

A WordPress dripping content can multiply course engagement as you are slowly providing courses to your audience which keeps them excited about their upcoming lessons. As a result, they will be more engaged as they will check your site from time to time and complete the course whenever they get it.

Increases participants’ excitement:

Since dripping content means delivering lessons like the drip of water, it can successfully enhance the excitement of your participants. Because they don’t know what will be their next lesson. So, they remain excited about their upcoming lessons. 

Enhances credibility:

It can increase business credibility because course creators will not offer courses all at once. Customers will slowly receive courses and gain knowledge from those. Besides, dripping content offers the vibe that courses are created thinking about their clients and problems.

As a result, a special trust will be created among the participants and the course creator that will increase business credibility.

Generates more revenue:

When you have a credible business and higher customer engagement, you will automatically start to generate more revenue from your business. Besides, the more revenue you gain from your business, the more you can invest for the betterment of your business which will eventually increase business opportunities.

Smartly dispatches courses:

Setting courses using the drip method is the smartest way to dispatch courses online. Because it prevents offering all the courses at once. Also, it can help you to promote courses by staying in your comfort.

So, here are the advantages of creating a drip course. Now, are you wondering how to create one using a WordPress plugin? If yes, keep following the step-by-step process that will guide you on how to set up a course using LifterLMS, the most powerful WordPress learning management system.

How to Create Drip Courses Using LifterLMS

Adding WordPress dripping content is a great strategy to sell courses online. The cherry on top of the cake is now you can leverage WordPress drip courses using LifterLMS

You can easily add it within a few minutes by adopting one of three methods. But, before that first, you need to go to the course with which you want to utilize the dripping method. So, follow the below step-by-step process thoroughly and add it by adopting any method you like: 

To create this type of course, first, you need to visit Courses>> Courses.

Then click the “builder” option of the course to which you want to add dripping.

After that, you need to expand the section to add dripping content. For that, click the “Plus Icon”.

Method 1: Your Course on a Specific Date.

In the first method, click (1). Settings icon that is marked in the added image and choose (2). On a specific date option for the Drip Method.

Now, insert “Date” and “Time” when you want to show the course. Then click the “Save Changes” button.

Method 2: Set Drip Using Course Enrollment.

Another method to add a WordPress drip course is to make use of the course enrollment option. To add a dripping course using LifterLMS, choose “# of days after course enrollment” as the Drip Method and enter the number of days after you want to show enroll course in the “# of days” field. Finally, click the “Save Changes” button.

Method 3: Use Prerequisite to Set Your Course.

Adding through enabling prerequisite is the third option for adding it. To do that, click the (1). “Prerequisite” option and choose the prerequisite course. In the end, press the (2). “Save Changes” button.

Get Started with Drip Course Content

The dripping course carries tremendous opportunities to power up your eLearning business. Because it not only boosts participants’ engagement but also increases sales of your courses. Hence utilize this tactic to expand your eLearning business.

You have already learned three ways to add drip content in WordPress within less than a few minutes. So, adopt any of the methods and add your own drip course using LifterLMS.