Stripe: How to manually update subscription payment methods


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In order to manually update a payment method to Stripe you’ll need to gather these pieces of information from your Stripe Dashboard:

  • Customer ID: This is a unique identifier for your student
  • Source ID: This is a unique identifier for a payment source (most commonly a credit card)

When a student subscribes on the front-end of your site this information is gathered and stored automatically but you can create new cards and customers manually via the Stripe dashboard.

Create a New Customer

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On your Stripe Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Customers
  2. Click the “New” button on the right-hand side of the screen
  3. Enter and email address and optional description for the customer. This email address should match the email address your student registered with in LifterLMS.
  4. Click “Create Customer” to save the customer

You may now click on the customer’s email address to get their Customer ID. On this screen:

  1. Locate “Details”
  2. Copy the “ID”
  3. This ID will start with “cus_” followed by some letters and numbers

This is the ID to use in your LifterLMS order’s Customer ID field!

Add a Credit Card

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To add a credit card you must have a customer already. You may either create a new customer by following the steps above or attach a new card to an existing customer.

Note: Any order initiated by a student with Stripe as the payment method will already have a customer in Stripe!

You can locate an existing customer by searching by email address or customer ID on your Stripe Dashboard.

To add a new card, navigate to the Customer screen for the customer on your Stripe Dashboard:

  1. Under “Cards” click “Add Card”
  2. Enter the credit card information and click “Add Card”
  3. You can now expand the newly added credit card row
  4. The first item will be the card ID. It will say “card_” followed by a string of numbers and letters.

This is the Source ID you should use in your LifterLMS order’s Source ID field!

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