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In some circumstances it may be useful to restrict your entire website to a membership level. This may be useful if you have a separate brochure site and only have content on your LifterLMS site that is available to enrolled and logged in members.

Enabling Sitewide Membership Restrictions

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To enable sitewide membership retrictions:

  1. On the admin panel navigate to LifterLMS -> Settings -> Memberships
  2. Under Membership Settings select the Membership that all users must be enrolled in so that they can access content on your site
  3. Click save on the bottom of the screen

Pages that Bypass Sitewide Restrictions

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In order for your site to function, a few select pages will be displayed to non-enrolled members:

  • The non-enrolled view of the membership that is required for membership
  • The page configured as your site’s Terms and Conditions page
  • The Membership Catalog
  • The page configured as the Student Dashboard
  • The page configured as the Checkout Page

You may add custom pages to this list by utilizing the filter lifterlms_sitewide_restriction_bypass_ids

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