Do I need LifterLMS support or do I need to find a developer to help me?

It’s frustrating when things are not working out the way you would like. For the LifterLMS team to best help you quickly, please provide as much detail as possible in your support requests.

LifterLMS support is available in 2 places:

  • The WordPress community forums
  • From the LifterLMS development team via your account if you are LifterLMS customer with an active license (our goal is that support tickets are answered within 12 business hours)

No telephone, Skype, or direct email support is available.

Support is for asking questions and getting advice on what to do if you need help figuring out how to use the best WordPress LMS plugins made by LifterLMS or are encountering problems with LifterLMS products.

You may need to find a developer to help you if you need someone to:

  • log into your website and extend the functionality of your site
  • figure out why your web hosting account is not stable
  • solve a conflict that is coming from the theme or other plugins not made by LifterLMS that you have decided to install
  • change any of the design of your site

At LifterLMS we’re here to support you if you have questions or need advice about LifterLMS products. If you need someone to implement changes for you on your website, we recommend these development resources.

We also recommend you check out this episode of LMScast where we talk about how to build a professional web business.

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