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If you’re not sure what a filter is and want to get started, take a look at the WordPress Codex reference on filters and the core function, add_filter().

Filters can be added to your theme’s or child theme’s functions.php file or to a site-specific plugin. We’ve created a very basic site-specific plugin for this purpose, you can get it for free here.

If you’re a developer and you’re looking to filter something, you probably can. If it’s not listed here please check the codebase first and then submit a support ticket if you need help locating a filter.


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Change the Stripe API version used by LifterLMS Stripe

CAUTION! Use at your own risk, especially with regards to MAJOR api versions!


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Allows customization of the charge description before passing the charge data to Stripe.


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Allows customization of visual (CSS) settings for Stripe Elements.

Additionally allows configuration of the locale of all text generated by Stripe Elements.

For additional settings see thes Stripe docs for Elements settings and Card settings.


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Customize the Card description displayed on the admin panel and student dashboards


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Customize the final charge object sent to Stripe for a charge


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Customize the final refund object sent to Stripe for a refund


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Customize the statement descriptor before passing a charge to Stripe

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