License No Longer Valid and was Deactivated

When you receive the error message that your license key is no longer valid and was deactivated, don’t panic! If you are able to confirm on your Account Page that your license is still active, then the issue is most likely a result of the firewall on our update server. Generally, when we encounter false-negatives of non-expired license keys it is the result of a customer’s IP address being blocked by the firewall.

Experiencing this false-negative when entering your license key, while frustrating and confusing, will not create a major impact on your site. That is to say that the presence of a license key does not add any features and it does not remove any features. Without a license your plugins are still fully functional. The license exists only to provide you with updates to our add-ons when we release them.

If you run into this issue, submit a support ticket and let us know you are encountering that error message so we can take a look at your server trying to ping the firewall and make sure that this is the only issue and not something more serious.

If you’re simply having trouble figuring out where you’re supposed to put your license key, please check out our documentation on that subject: Where do I put my License Key?

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