I can’t take the quiz I just created!

If you’re having issues testing a quiz you just created, it’s likely that you are an admin and / or you are not enrolled in the course the quiz is associated with.

LifterLMS requires that even an Admin be enrolled in the course a quiz is associated with before they can take that quiz.

To resolve this enroll yourself in the course in one of the following ways:

Via Admin Panel

  1. Navigate to the course
  2. Click the “Students” Tab
  3. Search for yourself under “Add Students”
  4. Click “Add Student”

Via Student Enrollment

  1. Navigate to your course on the frontend of your website
  2. Enroll in the course (this may include paying for the course if your course has pricing restrictions)


Once enrolled via either of the above two methods, you can now navigate to the lesson the quiz belongs to and click the “Take Quiz” button.


Note: this is an admin experience issue we’re working to resolve in future releases via this proposed feature.

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