How can I make my LifterLMS course site colors match my brand?


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Most of the colors of a site are governed by the site’s theme. LifterLMS is a WordPress plugin and you will need to select a theme to use alongside it. Whether you use our LaunchPad theme or a different theme to accompany LifterLMS, you can control most of the site look and feel (branding) through your theme settings.

How do I pick a theme for my site?

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LifterLMS works with any well-coded theme.  You can grab our own LaunchPad theme in our store.

We also carry several other third-party themes in our store that are known to work well with LifterLMS>

I have a theme, now what?

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Download LifterLMS Labs and check out our simple branding lab which allows you to quickly configure the color scheme of LifterLMS with a few simple options.

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