Help, my brand new quiz is blank when I try to take it!

If you’ve just created a quiz and clicked the “View Quiz” button from inside the WordPress admin panel, you’re likely sitting around feeling frustrated and thinking “This thing doesn’t even work and I just spent a ton of time crafting the perfect quiz.”

Don’t worry, quizzes do work we just haven’t built a great or obvious way to test them (yet).

You can only take a quiz if the user is actually enrolled in the course, even if you’re a WordPress admin or have created the content.

To resolve this issue you can do either of the following:

  1. Enroll your admin (or content creating) user into the course. You can do this manually through the “Students” tab of your course or by enrolling in the course via the frontend the way a regular student would.
  2. Create a new user and test your quiz by enrolling them in the course in either of the above two methods.

We find the second option works best if you use a second browser or a private browsing session (in Chrome or Firefox) so that you don’t have to log your content creating user in and out.


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