Adding custom columns to reporting tables and export files

Custom columns can be added to LifterLMS reporting tables and export files. This example shows how to add a custom column to the students table at LifterLMS -> Reporting.

In the “add_filter” hooks “students” can be replaced with the IDs of other reporting tables:

  • Students:¬†students
  • Student (single) achievements: achievements
  • Student (single) certificates: certificates
  • Student (single) courses: student-courses
  • Student (single) course: student-course
  • Student (single) memberships: student-memberships
  • Courses: courses
  • Course (single) students: course-students

Note that when outputting the data using the llms_table_get_data_{$table_id}¬†filter, the 3rd parameter ($data¬†in the example) differs depending on the table.¬† It is not always an LLMS_Student¬†object. Try¬†var_dump( $data );¬†to inspect the data passed to the table you’re customizing!

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