How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel Without Patreon

Are you frustrated and feeling lost in how you’re putting all this effort into YouTube, but not making the money you deserve?

We were reflecting on one of our LifterLMS software users, Angela Brown, who has a strong YouTube channel with 132,000 subscribers and successfully monetizes with her membership site. Angela figured out how to do YouTube and make money from her WordPress LMS website. There’s a lot you can learn from successful LiferLMS case studies like from Angela’s story.

Perhaps you’re struggling with one of these YouTube monetization challenges …

  • Jaded by the sheer volume of high quality content you make with so little money made to show for it
  • Frustration of limited features provided by popular tools like Patreon
  • Anger that hosted platforms like Patreon take such a large percentage of your earnings

We’re going to help you monetize your YouTube channel so you can …

  • Build an income generating cashflow stream on your website that you own and control
  • Monetize in an unlimited number of ways like courses, coaching, premium content, private community, and more
  • Own the platform without some software company taking a huge cut out of every dollar that flows through your website

The 5 key principles to YouTube monetization…

1) Get comfortable creating your own asset on a website website that you own and control with the content creation skill you already have.
2) Start with an “Ask Me Anything” AMA membership. All you have to do is sell a recurring revenue subscription membership with LifterLMS, and show up to a monthly or weekly YouTube or Zoom livestream.
3) Create some content that you can structure into a simple $200 online course.
4) Upsell private personalized coaching using the LifterLMS Private Areas add-on.
5) Insert a call to action for viewers to go to your WordPress LMS website at the end of your videos and link it up in the video description area of your YouTube videos.

Chris first learned how to use WordPress by watching YouTube videos on the topic back in 2008. Later he made a video series about how to build a WordPress website from scratch in a weekend and put those videos on YouTube in 2010. He put those same videos on Udemy as a course that taught over 10,000 people how to use WordPress. Chris then put his first paid course on Udemy. A couple of years later Udemy started limiting how much course creators could charge on the platform. Udemy also started heavily discounting courses for their bundle promotions. It was then that Chris Badgett learned the valuable lesson that it’s better to own your website that your online business runs on.

There’s a myth that WordPress is hard and you have to be a developer to use it. This is simply not true. WordPress is made for anyone to be able to make a website, and with LifterLMS … it’s for anyone to be able to make an online learning business.

If you’re a Youtuber and you’re ready to start monetizing with a superior Patreon alternative like LifterLMS, but would prefer to have someone else set up the WordPress LMS website for you, there are LifterLMS experts standing by that can do it all for you.