Avoid LMS Website Build Failure!

We asked LMS website builders in the LifterLMS facebook group to answer the following question …

What mistake should a first time LMS website builder avoid?

Successful serial LMS site builder Ziv Raviv had this to say …

The mistake to avoid is not to think about the relationships first.

The course by itself is not enough to create a transformation in someone’s life. It’s the relationship and the nurturing of it that matters.

This means thinking in advance about chats, about bonuses that save time and help overcome objections and limiting beliefs. It’s about sending your students welcome sequences. It’s about letting them know you care about their journey. That you will help them, encourage them and lead them.

The most common mistake is to think that you will build it, and then they will come and you will “wing it” with the communication and relationship building.

It works the other way around.

You first figure out the transformation and everything you will need to do in your partnership with your students to get them there.

Then comes the content, lessons, quizzes and site.

WordPress LMS agency owner software developer Gabriel Gallagher had this to say …

If you’re trying to build a business around this, the choices you make about your LMS setup will impact a lot of processes you might not think about at first.

How does your payment setup handle taxes and integration with your accounting processes? Will the cool social network plugin you installed actually provide more value than the networks people already use, or will it just make your site unbearably slow as soon as you achieve any degree of success?

It’s worth talking to people who manage sites with 10K+ users to understand which choices didn’t serve them in the long run.

Technical debt is real and can become a massive liability if left unchecked. That being said, analysis paralysis and inaction are probably worse than having a cracked technical foundation, so resilience is key!

If it were easy everyone would be successful at it.

Gabriel Gallagher, Tangible Plugins

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