How to Get Your First 10 Customers for Your Course or Coaching Business

The LifterLMS team is known for doing everything they can to help their customers succeed. Today they launched a 10 part training series called the Enroll Summit.

And the best part is LifterLMS made this training FREE to the world.

“The Enroll Summit helps course creators and coaches go from zero to 10 enrollments in 30 days.”

Chris Badgett

What Will I Learn in the Enroll Summit?

The LifterLMS team along with 3 successful LifterLMS customers came together to distill and create the absolute most essential training designed to get you past your first 10 enrollments.

You’ll learn:

  • How to build a thriving community of prospects and engaged customers quickly without wasting time on social media
  • How to extract your perfect course structure and lesson material out of your head fast without getting lost in the chaos of not being a trained teacher or coach
  • How to grow your email list and nurture subscribers into course customers on autopilot in only 6 emails without having to write them from scratch
  • How to get steady FREE leads from content and convert leads into customers with a proven webinar sales system without complicated sales tactics
  • How to launch your learning management system (LMS) website quickly and assemble all the tech you need to get customers without wasting time or money

Who’s Teaching the Material?

Chris Badgett and Will Middleton from the LifterLMS team joined up with 3 successful LifterLMS customers to create the Enroll Summit:

It’s important to learn directly from people who have deep industry knowledge and people who have achieved what you want to achieve.

“Success leaves clues.”

Tony Robbins

Here’s Where to Go!…

If you want to go from zero to 10 enrollments in your course as fast as possible, access the Enroll Summit for free here.

Together we’ll build the most engaging learning experiences on the internet!