Using the LifterLMS My Courses (Student Dashboard) Page as the WordPress Front Page

Due to a known issue in the WordPress core related to query variables and the WordPress Front Page, you cannot currently set the WordPress “Front Page” and the LifterLMS “Student Dashboard” page to be the same page.

You can work around this issue by using the login shortcode on your front page.

  1. Create a new page with the the lifterlms login shortcode as the page’s content.
  2. Use the “redirect” parameter of the login shortcode to redirect users to the Student Dashboard page
  3. It should look like this:
    • [lifterlms_login redirect="http://mysite.tld/dashboard"]
  4. Set the new page as the WordPress Front Page under WordPress Settings -> Reading Settings
  5. Ensure that your Student Dashboard setting is not set to be the page with the login shortcode which is now your Front Page
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