Select2 JavaScript Issues

In LifterLMS 2.0.0 we added a 3rd party JavaScript library, Select2, to allow us to enhance the user experience involved with various tasks LifterLMS performs on the admin panel. We added the latest version of Select2, version 4.0.1.

Since adding this dependency, we’ve found that many other WordPress themes and plugins also rely on this plugin but the majority of them are loading older versions (3.4.x or 3.5.x) of the library. Unfortunately, these versions are incompatible and cause issues. In LifterLMS the issues can be identified on either Course or Membership Student tabs where admins can manually enroll or remove students from courses and memberships. The issue can also be found when adding questions to a LifterLMS quiz.

We intend to find a solution to this issue, but in the meantime we’re urging themes and plugins to upgrade to the latest version of Select2 to prevent dependencies. A lot of developers are very willing to do so while others cannot use the 4.x version. LifterLMS cannot use the 3.x versions so we’re at a difficult impasse in these scenarios.

If you encounter an issue please let us know and we’ll see if we can help you temporarily resolve the issue. You may also wish to contact the theme or plugin developer and ask them if they can upgrade to Select2 Version 4.x to help resolve the conflict.

Here’s a list of themes or plugins we’re aware of that utilize conflicting versions of Select2:

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