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Orders in LifterLMS 3.0 vs Orders in Legacy Versions

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LifterLMS 3.0 focuses a large portion of it’s efforts on the e-commerce side of the system and orders are at the root of e-commerce.

Before LifterLMS orders were recorded on checkout, and with a few exceptions, we’re never revisited again. In 3.0 orders have received the following improvements:

  • Statuses
  • Transaction records
  • Refund Management
  • Notes
  • Automatic Expiration
  • Student enrollment management
  • Improved data management

Order Statuses

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  • Active
    • Recurring only
    • Denotes an active subscription
    • Recurring payments will be automatically scheduled and charged by the supporting gateway
  • Cancelled
    • The administrator has cancelled the order
    • The student will be automatically removed from the associated course or membership
  • Completed
    • One-time only
    • The one-time payment was successful
  • Expired
    • Recurring only
    • The subscription has reached the end of its terms
  • Failed
    • A recurring or single payment attempt has failed
  • On Hold
    • Recurring Only
    • Denotes that the subscription has encountered recurring payment issues and is being retried.
  • Pending
    • The order was created but no payments have been attempted yet
  • Pending Cancellation
    • Recurring only
    • Denotes that the subscription has been cancelled by the student
    • Students will retain access to the associated course or membership until the conclusion of the current billing period
    • At the conclusion of the billing period the order will automatically move to “Cancelled”
  • Refunded
    • A full or partial refund has been processed for a transaction on the order


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LifterLMS 3.0 introduces transaction management.

Transactions record all payment attempts and data against an order.

A recurring order will have many transactions recorded over the lifespan of the order while a single payment order will likely only have one transaction.


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In LifterLMS 3.0 you can now process refunds through the order with the click of a button.

You can process refunds against a transaction and can choose to process the refund manually or via a supporting payment gateway directly.

When processed via the gateway, the funds will be passed directly back to the customer and the refund will be recorded in LifterLMS.

With a manual refund, the data will be recorded but you will have to manually transfer your customer with the funds.

Both full and partial refunds are supported for transactions on single and recurring orders.

By default, when a refund is processed the student will be removed from the course or membership automatically. If you wish to process a refund but leave the student enrolled, simply re-enroll them after the refund has been processed.

Order Notes

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Order notes record data about an order and provide you with a history of activity.

Transaction details, enrollments changes, order status changes, refunds, and more will all be recorded using order notes.

Automatic Expiration

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Students will be automatically removed from courses and memberships according to expiration settings defined in the access plan which initiated the order.

If the access plan is a “lifetime” plan the student will only be automatically removed when a payment fails on a recurring order.

To delete student enrollment for expired students there are directions on the How Do I Delete Student Enrollment documentation.

Student enrollment

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You can now see and update the enrollment status of a student with regards to the order via the order screen on the admin panel.

In most scenarios LifterLMS will handle the enrollment states automatically but if you wish to manually update, you can!

Auto Migration to 3.0 data structure

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The 3.0 database upgrader attempts to automatically upgrade orders to the 3.0 data structure, however we have no way of gathering accurate data about the already processed transactions.

Additionally, we cannot move existing recurring subscriptions to the new structure without significant manual effort inside Stripe or PayPal.

For this reason existing subscriptions will be visible on the admin panel but certain features will be disabled.

You will not be able to change the status of a legacy order.

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