LaunchPad Starter Child Theme


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Use this starter child theme to kickstart your customization of LifterLMS and the LaunchPad theme.

This child theme comes ready for you so you can:

  • Add custom frontend and admin panel CSS
  • Add custom Javascript
  • Add custom PHP code
  • Override LaunchPad template files
  • Override LifterLMS core plugin template files

Download and Installation

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To install this child theme:

  1. Install LifterLMS LaunchPad
  2. Download the child theme
  3. Navigate to your WordPress Admin Panel
  4. Click “Appearance -> Themes”
  5. Click the “Add New” button on the top of the screen
  6. Click “Upload Theme” and then “Choose File”
  7. Locate the .zip file of LifterLMS LaunchPad Child Theme and click “Install Now”
  8. Click “Activate” on the next screen

Add custom CSS and Javascript

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This child theme loads the following CSS & JS files automatically:

  • Frontend CSS: assets/public/css/style.css
  • Admin CSS: assets/admin/css/style.css
  • Frontend JS (when WP_DEBUG is enabled): js/wp-launchpad.js
  • Frontend JS (when WP_DEBUG is disabled): js/wp-launchpad.min.js

Note: the styles.css file in the root theme directory is never loaded!

LaunchPad View Overrides

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LaunchPad stores template parts as “views” which are located in LaunchPad in the resources/views directory. The child theme will override any view found in resources/views.

LifterLMS Core Template Overrides

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You can override any LifterLMS core template file by adding your customized version of the template to the lifterlms directory.

For more information, see template overrides.

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