How do I set up a LifterLMS Access Plan that is associated with a WooCommerce subscription product?


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If you choose to use WooCommerce to sell access to your LifterLMS powered courses and/or memberships, then you need to associate a WooCommerce product with a LifterLMS course or membership access plan.

If you would like to offer recurring subscription payments through WooComerce, then you will need to the Woo Subscriptions plugin.

Click here to learn more about tying the WooCommerce subscription status to the LifterLMS course or membership access:


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So for example:

If we wanted a $200 per month payment that goes on forever until canceled or payment fails, it would look this in the related WooCommerce Subscription product:

LifterLMS WooCommerce Subscription


And like this in the LifterLMS access plan

LifterLMS WooCommerce Product Linked up


Once the Woo Commerce Subscription status moves to cancelled, on hold, or expired the user will instantly be removed from access to their course or membership. You can confirm this in your LifterLMS > Settings > Integrations > WooCommerce as detailed below:


LifterLMS WooCommerce Subscription Unenrollment

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