Getting Started with LifterLMS WPForms


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LifterLMS WPForms allows you to require forms to be submitted in order for students to complete lessons.

If you utilize the WPForms User Registration add-on you can additionally replace default LifterLMS user management forms (forms used during checkout, open registration, and account updates) with your custom WPForms.

LifterLMS WPForms does not include access to WPForms itself!

LifterLMS WPForms provides functionality to connect WPForms with LifterLMS.

WPForms is a separate plugin developed, maintained, and supported by a separate company. You can purchase a license to WPForms at


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To use LifterLMS WPForms, you must first install the add-on dependencies:

  1. Install and activate the LifterLMS core plugin.
  2. Install and activate the WPForms core plugin.

After these dependencies are installed, you can install LifterLMS WPForms via the LifterLMS->Addons and more page after installing your license key.

You can also download LifterLMS WPForms from your account dashboard and manually install the add-on.

After installing and activating the add-on, head to your LifterLMS Integration settings and enable WPForms. Once there, you must Enable the integration for LifterLMS WPForms to function.


Lesson Progression Settings

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When you add a WPForm to any lesson in a course, you can configure whether or not that form must be submitted in order for the lesson to be marked as complete. This can be overridden for individual courses and lessons.

Global Settings

The global default settings are configured on the integration’s main settings page found under LifterLMS -> Settings -> Integrations -> WPForms.

Locate the “Lesson Completion” setting and select either:

  • Form submission is required for lesson completion
  • Form submission is optional

These settings will apply as the default for all courses & lessons on your site but can be overridden for each course and/or lesson individually.


Course Settings

To override the progression settings for a course, locate the “Course Options” meta box and then select the “WPForms” tab.

These settings will allow you to configure the lesson progression settings for all lessons within this course.

You can choose to use the default global settings for your entire site, or select to make all the lesson forms required or optional.


Lesson Settings

To override the progression settings for a course, locate the “Lesson Settings” meta box and then select the “WPForms” tab.

You can choose to use the default global settings for your entire site, the courses’s override settings, or set the lesson to be required or optional.

User Registration Forms

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When using the WPForms User Registration add-on and LifterLMS WPForms, you can replace the default LifterLMS forms (like checkout, registration, and account update) with custom WPForms.

For details on creating user registration forms see the WPForms User Registration Documentation.

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