Getting Started with LifterLMS Notifications


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LifterLMS notifications are either email, basic “pop-up”, or SMS (text messaging)  messages that happen when a certain event happens in your LifterLMS powered site.

Notifications can go to course authors, students, and others.

The LifterLMS notifications system is part of the free core LifterLMS plugin

Notifications of all types have stock messages, with personalized data merged in, and these messages can be modified from the defaults.

Notification Types

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Navigate to the LifterLMS Notifications area in WordPress > LifterLMS > Settings > Notifications

These are the engagement types:

  • Course Complete
  • Course Track Complete
  • Enrollment
  • Gateway: Manual – Payment Due
  • Lesson Complete
  • Payment Retry Scheduled
  • Purchase Receipt
  • Quiz Failed
  • Quiz Passed
  • Section Complete
  • Student Welcome
  • Subscription Cancellation Notice
  • Upcoming Payment Reminder


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To customize the default notification content, click the “Basic”, “Email,” or “SMS” links in the configure column.

Note that SMS (text messaging) notifications are only available if you have the LifterLMS Twilio add-on.


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To enable or disable a notification or customize who receives it, view these instructions.

Modifying Notification Icons

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Some basic notifications (like course enrollment, lesson completion, and more) allow you to upload a custom icon to be displayed next to the image.

To upload a custom image, navigate to the notification settings and click “Basic” for the notification you’d like to customize.

From here you can use the “Upload” button to upload a new image to your media library for use as the notification’s icon.

You can also disable the icon completely by checking the “Disable Icon” checkbox.

Further Reading

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Check out this blog post with more info and screenshots about the LifterLMS Notification system.

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