Creating and Using Automations

What is an automation?

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Automations are templates for Private Area Posts which can be configured to be automatically created during engagement triggers.

Each automation is made of at least one private post “template” which serves as a placeholder for any number of potential future private posts.

By itself, an automation will do nothing but when coupled with a LifterLMS engagement, the automation becomes extremely powerful.

Create an Automation

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To create a new Automation:

  1. Navigate to your WordPress admin panel
  2. Under Private Posts click “Automations” and then “Add New” at the top of the next screen
  3. Create a title. This is for internal use only and will help you find the automation later when creating your engagement. Students will never see this title!
  4. Open the default private post template by clicking on the title in the Private Post Templates section
    Automation templates
  5. You can now create a new private post template using the following fields
    automation post editor

    1. Private Post Title: This will be the title of your private post.
    2. Private Post Content: This will be the main content of your new private post
    3. Publication Schedule
      1. Instant: This post will be published immediately when the automation is triggered
      2. # of days after automation begins: This post will be created and scheduled for publication days after the automation is triggered. Use the “# of days” number field to configure the delay.
      3. On specific date: This post will be created and scheduled for publication on the date specified by the “Publication Date” field. Note that it is possible to back date scheduled posts using this field!
  6. You may use the “+ Add New Private Post” button to create additional (and an unlimited number) of private posts in this automation.

Create an Engagement to Trigger an Automation

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To trigger the creation of all the posts in your new automation you must create a new LifterLMS Engagement.

LifterLMS Private Areas adds a new engagement type “Start a Private Posts Automation”

private areas automation engagement type

After selecting this engagement type you can select your new automation from the “Select an Engagement” field.

Automation Template Merge Codes

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The following merge codes can be used in automations for the Private Post Title and Private Post Content fields.

  • {current_date}: Current Date
  • {first_name}: Student First Name
  • {last_name}: Student Last Name
  • {post_title}: Course or Membership Title
  • {site_title}: Website Title
  • {site_url}: Website URL

Note that the values of POST TITLE will differ depending on the engagement used to trigger the automation. Private Posts are only ever associated with a course or membership, so an engagement trigger for purchase of an access plan will merge in the title of the related course or membership, for example. An engagement for Quiz Pass will locate the related course. And so on…

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