Why Do I Need the WooCommerce Integration for My LMS Platform?

WooCommerce may be the best thing that has happened to the eCommerce industry. If you have been shopping online or selling products, there is a high chance you know this name already or purchased from a WooCommerce powered store.

WooCommerce plugin is a very easy and low-cost way to start selling anything online, even courses. Here is where WooCommerce and LMS cross paths.

Case 1: Course Creator on an Upgrade

Maybe you are selling your skills or knowledge online, and you started off with a site that is powered by a WooCommerce plugin. But since the lack of course creation features, you are now venturing into LMS plugins.

Case 2: A Product Seller Who Can Also Teach

Perhaps you have an amazing crafts selling business. You have a loyal fanbase. Now you want to teach your craft skills too. So you need both product selling and LMS features on your website.

Case 3: Gateway Migration

If you already have a foolproof WooCommerce based payment ecosystem in place for your business and you just want to extend it into your LMS site instead of installing a separate payment system for it.

How WooCommerce is Useful for an eLearning or LMS Platform

WooCommerce is a great choice for selling products but not courses. Although most LMS platforms, like LifterLMS, come with all sorts of payment gateway options and integrations, there are some special cases where having the option with WooCommerce would help with selling additional stuff besides courses, or the region where you are selling is only feasible with WooCommerce or somehow you are saving money by using WooCommerce.

For Selling Products

WooCommerce is excellent for creating multiple variants of a product and managing SKU and shipping. So if you want to sell merchandise, or learning assistance tools from your eLearning platform, setting up products and taking payments from WooCommerce is the best option.

Additionally, WooCommerce has fancy features for you to run product campaigns, coupons, and separate reporting on sales. Product reviews and ratings and displaying products in different sections of your LMS site are also how you can use WooCommerce.

For Adjusting Dynamic Vat Tax Rules

If you are shipping physical products globally from your LMS platform, you will need to set country or state-specific VAT and Tax settings. Doing that manually is near impossible but WooCommerce can make that easy as pie.

Recurring Payments

If your eLearning platform has a subscription business model where learners need to pay every week or month to access content, then the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin can give you all sorts of options to enable that on your platform.

WooCommerce as your Base Payment Tool

You may also consider WooCommerce as your go-to payment option for your LMS site since WooCommerce supports the most popular payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, etc. so with WooCommerce you can also manage the payments of your courses and take payments in installments or credit. If you are coming into an LMS platform from an older system with a lot of investment made into WooCommerce, you will not be wasting it.

You can also use the sales data from WooCommerce as the base of your CRM activities. You could easily find out whom you can upsell to, who are the highest buyers, who have left something at the checkout, and who deserve a discount. Integrate it with something like SalesForce and you will have an active engagement campaign going on with all the people who are interacting with your platform.

LifterLMS WooCommerce Integration

To understand how we have designed our WooCommerce integration, what features it includes, and how to configure it properly, please have a look at the video tutorial below

LifterLMS WooCommerce Integration Video Tutorial


We have seen people become very creative with WooCommerce. It is such a powerful tool that anything is possible. If you think you can add more ideas to our list, please comment.