What’s New in LifterLMS 2.2.0?

LifterLMS continues to evolve based on your feedback and from the opportunities and the challenges we see in the online learning space.
We’re proud to announce the arrival of LifterLMS 2.2.0.
Here’s a video about what’s new:

Improvements to LifterLMS Translations

We’ve made it easier for LifterLMS to be translated into any language.
For example, there’s a team of German web developers working right now translating LifterLMS into German.

Certificate Improvements

Did you know that if you are part of the LifterLMS Pro community, you now have access to some more certificate backgrounds to work with?
Also we’ve improved how easy it is to print and resize LifterLMS certificates to your exact requirements.

Course Sales and Coupon Improvements

You’ll also notice improvements to our sale pricing and scheduling functionality. The system is more robust and can handle more scenarios. For example you can now put a course on sale, but not necessarily define a start and end date.
We also improved the coupon experience for you, so your customers can remove a coupon if they need to.
There’s more nuance to the general code validation and error handling around sales and coupons, so your users can enjoy an even better user experience.

There’s So Much More in LifterLMS 2.2.0 …

LifterLMS, like any powerful open source software, continues to evolve rapidly. That means we’re continuously optimizing errors, defining and fixing bugs, and rolling in new features that are trending in our user base.
Thank you for sharing your experiences and dreams and helping us decide what’s next with LifterLMS.
Also consider joining LifterLMS Pro so you can get even more valuable tools and resources out of the LifterLMS project.