How to Make a Conversion Optimized SaaS Marketing and Academy Website with WordPress

Are you embarrassed by you current SaaS website and looking to create a beautiful conversion optimized software sales landing page or website with WordPress?

Perhaps you’re struggling with one of these SaaS website building challenges…

  • The current SaaS website is ugly and embarrassing
  • Customers are churning out because they’re not effectively learning how to use the product
  • Revenue has stalled, and you have a sense you could be making more money

We’re going to help you quickly deploy a SaaS marketing website with an academy add-on so you can …

  • Experience the pride and satisfaction of having a beautiful SaaS website design
  • Experience a reduction of churn through using modern training methods to onboard your customers
  • Enjoy a big boost to revenue and ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) by deploying a premium academy upsell offer.

The 5 key principles to creating a winning SaaS business website with WordPress…

1) Don’t build the B2B SaaS business on rented feature-limited land, own the platform with WordPress!

2) Make the SaaS website “full funnel” so you can attract leads, drive conversions, onboard new uses, and drive expansion revenue from the WordPress website

3) Deploy a quickstart course to both build confidence for leads and help new customers onboard

4) Deploy a SaaS academy to your business model to drive expansion revenue

5) Use WordPress and a LMS plugin like LifterLMS so you get the blend between unlimited customizability and user friendliness so all team members can work with the SaaS website.

Even though I’m in the online learning space, the power of the “Academy Add-on” method really clicked for me when I saw one of my business coaches, Dan Martell from SaaS Academy, teach how to approach an Academy concept to drive expansion revenue for a B2B SaaS company. If you are a B2B SaaS founder, we definitely recommend putting Dan Martell and his SaaS Academy program on your side.

At LifterLMS, as a SAAS company ourselves, the struggle is really around finding product market fit for all the options of what we could put in the Academy. For example in this video we added the following academy benefits:

  • Course Library
  • 3 Private Coaching Sessions with a Product Specialist
  • Monthly Virtual Live Training
  • Monthly Virtual Live Guest Expert Webinars
  • Access to 2 Annual In Person Events

Every SaaS founder should definitely offer a free quickstart course like we at LifterLMS have and our customer Adrian from Groundhogg has. For the expansion revenue goals of an online academy, you just need to find right mix of self study online courses, community, group coaching, private coaching, mastermind retreats, resources, and other perks.

There’s a myth among SaaS founders that you need to have separate tools for everything. That just creates a mess, and this makes it difficult for the team to fully participate. It’s also unnecessarily expensive to have this mindset. You don’t need another monthly subscription to run your business. You just need WordPress and a few plugins like LifterLMS to cover the SaaS marketing and academy add-on website needs.

Use our free training courses on WordPress and LifterLMS if you’re new to these tools. Also you could just hire a LifterLMS expert to build this out for you.