5 Ways to Use LifterLMS Private Areas to Create More Revenue, Impact, and Learner Results

At LifterLMS we are about to roll out Private Areas so that you can offer private coaching in addition to courses.
Online courses are more of a do-it-yourself option. Private coaching offers an additional level of personalization and a done-with-you experience.
Here are 5 ways you might consider using Private Areas to create more revenue, impact, and learner results …

1) Post private coaching call replay videos and have a discussion around it

If you offer coaching calls as part of your course or as an upsell to your course, you can bring even more value by recording the coaching call and publishing it to a student’s Private Area.
Replay Private Post Examples:

  • A business growth coach has a course and offers private coaching. She conducts her private coaching in Zoom and publishes the recorded video to a student’s Private Area so they can watch it again and have further conversations.
  • A life coach offers private Skype sessions as part of the training package. She takes notes during the Skype call about what the client says and notes her personalized recommendations. She publishes those notes to the client’s Private Area.
  • A health coach meets with students at a live event that is recorded where he teaches students how to cook healthy delicious food and break junk food addiction. The replay video is posted to each learner’s Private Area where they can each have continued private discussion around the content with the health coach.

2) Publish a personalized action plan for your student

You may offer a $100 do-it-yourself course OR a $1,000 do-it-yourself course + done-with-you coaching package. Part of your $1,000 coaching package is to create a personalized action plan for your customers.
Custom Action Plan Private Post Examples:

  • A business growth coach creates and publishes a custom growth plan to help a client grow from a 6 to 7 figure business.
  • A life coach offers an implementation plan for specific healthy relationship habits to develop after a needs assessment.
  • A health coach offers a custom meal plan based on a needs assessment and dietary restrictions.

3) Publish a form to collect information or assignments from your student and have a discussion around that

Sometimes you need to survey your students individually or collect things from them while also having a private conversation around what they submit.
Using Forms in Private Post Examples:

  • A business coach publishes marketing evaluation form to the student’s Private Area so they can collect and discuss key business metrics so she can advise appropriately to the needs of the individual.
  • A life coach may use a form to ask very personal questions around the student’s love life and then have a discussion around the responses.
  • A health coach may use forms for the student to submit metrics around weight, mood, nutrition, exercise numbers, etc.

4) Publish virtual or in-person private meeting or event details

Some learning programs include access to live virtual or in-person 1:1 meetings or events. You can give people a way to schedule, plan, and discuss events in a private post.
Event Management and Discussion in Private Post Examples:

  • A business coach uses a private post to give clients an Acuity Scheduling or Calendly scheduling link to reserve a coaching call while also asking for a heads up on what they want to discuss on the call.
  • A life coach publishes annual event meetup details in Tahiti at a 5-star resort. She also uses the discussion below the private post to learn from each individual what they want to get out of the event. This allows her to design the best possible event.
  • A health coach may use forms for the student to schedule training session at the gym and have a place to discuss in private any injuries, challenges, or setbacks.

5) Publish personalized messages after reviewing student performance in the LifterLMS reporting area.

LifterLMS has a powerful reporting engine. You can monitor your students and create private posts to help celebrate success, encourage those on the journey, and re-engage those that are stuck or failing.
Personalized Messages in Private Post Examples:

  • A business coach notices when a student fails a marketing basics quiz after getting a notification. She sees which questions the student got wrong. She creates a private post to help explain the core concepts the student failed to grasp based on the test results.
  • A life coach notices a student stopped at lesson 8 of 10. Lesson 8 contains a challenging step about healthy confrontation in relationships. She creates some personalized content around how to have healthy confrontations even though they feel uncomfortable at first.
  • A health coach sees a student is getting incredible results and creates a post, almost like a “congratulations card” to help celebrate their success.

Do you want the power of Private Areas?

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