LifterLMS News You Can Use #004

Welcome to your monthly LifterLMS News You Can Use, May edition: #004.

Read About Recent Technical Product Updates (We’ve been busy)!

LifterLMS Version 3.30.3


  • Fixed typos and spelling errors in various strings.
  • Corrected a typo in the content-disposition header used when exporting voucher CSVs
  • Improved the quiz attempt grading experience by automatically focusing the remarks field and only toggling the first answer if it’s not visible
  • Removed commented out code on the Student Dashboard Notifications Tab template

Bug Fixes

  • Renamed “descrpition” key to “description” found in the return of LLMS_Instructor()->toArray().
  • Fixed an issue causing slashes to be stripped from course content when cloning a course.
  • Fixed an issue causing JS warnings to be thrown in the Javascript console on Course and Membership edit pages on the admin panel due to variables being defined too late, thanks @eri-trabiccolo!
  • Fixed an undefined variable notice encountered when filtering quiz attempts on the quiz attempts reporting screen, thanks @eri-trabiccolo!
  • Fixed an issue causing slashes to appear before quotation marks when saving remarks on a quiz attempt, thanks @eri-trabiccolo!
  • @pondermatic fixed typos and misspellings in comment and docs in over 200 files and while that doesn’t concern most users it’s worthy of a mention.


  • The following unused classes have been marked as deprecated and will be removed from LifterLMS in the next major release.
  • LLMS\Users\User
  • LLMS_Analytics_Page
  • LLMS_Course_Basic
  • LLMS_Lesson_Basic
  • LLMS_Quiz_Legacy
  • Template Updates
  • templates/myaccount/my-notifications.php

LifterLMS Version 3.31.0-beta.1

  • Adds explicit support for the twentynineteen default theme.
  • Treats post_excerpt data as HTML instead of plain text. Fixes an issue resulting in HTML tags being stripped from lesson excerpts when duplicating a lesson in the course builder or importing lessons via the course importer.
  • Update to LifterLMS Blocks 1.4.0:
  • Adds an “unmigration” utility to LifterLMS -> Status -> Tools & Utilities which can be used to remove LifterLMS blocks from courses and lessons which were migrated to the block editor structure. This tool is only available when the Classic Editor plugin is installed and enabled and it will remove blocks from ALL courses and lessons regardless of whether or not the block editor is being utilized on that post.

LifterLMS Blocks Version 1.4.0

  • Added an “unmigration” utility to LifterLMS -> Status -> Tools & Utilities which can be used to remove LifterLMS blocks from courses and lessons which were migrated to the block editor structure. This tool is only available when the Classic Editor plugin is installed and enabled and it will remove blocks from ALL courses and lessons regardless of whether or not the block editor is being utilized on that post.

LifterLMS Private Areas Version 1.1.1

  • Fixed an issue causing invalid automations to result in a fatal error when attempting to log the failure.

LifterLMS Stripe Version 4.4.1

LifterLMS MailChimp Version 3.1.2

  • Added an action which fires when user consent is saved.
  • Fixed an issue causing an error when saving API credentials for the first time.
  • Fixed an issue preventing subscriptions from being created when consent is disabled via the `llms_mc_enable_consent` hook.

LifterLMS Assignments Version 1.1.1

  • Add handlers to handle LifterLMS duplicate assignments during when importing and cloning courses.

lifterlms-gateway-paypal Version 2.0.0-beta.1

Please note: This is a beta! Don’t install this in production.

The PayPal “REST” Gateway

  • A completely new version of LifterLMS PayPal utilizing the most recent PayPal APIs and features.
  • Utilizes PayPal Checkout via Smart Payment Buttons.
  • Your API Credentials (Client ID and Client Secret) can be found by following these steps:
  • Look under “REST API apps” at
  • If testing in Sandbox mode (recommended) you’ll also want to create sandbox buyer and seller accounts:
  • The charging and scheduling of recurring payments is managed via the PayPal Billing Agreements API and requires a webhook listener to properly function.
  • This webhook is automatically installed when valid API credentials are added via the gateway’s settings panel.
  • If you’re working on a local development environment you will not be able to receive incoming webhooks and your test subscriptions will never record transactions nor will they cancel enrollment during cancellations from within PayPal.

The “Legacy” PayPal Gateway

  • Renames the existing NVP/Reference transaction-powered PayPal (1.x) gateway “PayPal (Legacy)
  • For first-time users this gateway is hidden and not available:
  • To enable the legacy gateway visit LifterLMS -> Status -> Tools & Utilities and click the “Enable Legacy Gateway” button.
  • To disable the legacy gateway repeat the above process clicking “Disable Legacy Gateway” instead.
  • Disabling the legacy gateway will have NO EFFECT on existing one-time payments made via the gateway. However active recurring payments made through reference transactions will be unable to automatically recharge.
  • The gateway itself is marked as deprecated. New users should avoid using the legacy gateway and instead rely on the new REST gateway introduced in this version.

How to help test?

  • Install LifterLMS PayPal in a non-production environment and start using it.
  • If you find any issues or have any questions let us know by opening an issue on the official LifterLMS GitHub, opening a new support request, or posting in #developers on the LifterLMS Slack community.
  • If you install this in production we will not provide you with emergency or urgent support.

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Other News You Can Use

Check out another new course published to the Academy this month by Will Middleton about the LifterLMS quiz system.

LifterLMS Elementor integration announced by Tangible plugins.

Hey course creators!  This toolallows you to compress high definition pictures both in jpeg and in png format!!

And last, but not least, Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up May 6 -10. Mark your calendar for special discounts in our store and more!  

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