6 Ways a WordPress Agency Can Be More Profitable

Have you ever felt frustrated that your agency life is a wild swing between feast or famine with no recurring revenue?

It’s exhausting to constantly acquire new clients, deliver great work one time, and then have the client disappear…

As a community builder and customer centric CEO, Chris Badgett asked his community of WordPress LMS professionals what challenges they were struggling with in their client work. Andriy said he wanted to help his clients with marketing. Henrietta said that she wanted to figure out a recurring care plan to keep the plugins and everything updated that the client would actually buy. Josh was frustrated that he was launching beautiful training based membership sites for his clients, but they would get little to no sales because of a lack of marketing.

Perhaps you’re struggling with one of these low profit agency challenges …

  • Low profits
  • Constantly having to find new clients
  • Doing great work, but clients were not fully satisfied

We’re going to help you dramatically increase your WordPress agency profits so you can …

  • Enjoy higher profits
  • Do more with less clients
  • Do great work that your clients absolutely love

The 6 key principles to creating more service offerings that drive more profit in your agency…

1) Offer a simple organic marketing funnel package. Help your clients put an organic lead generation machine in place by creating for example:

  • A simple 3 video Youtube funnel (See the YouTube Traffic System)
  • 5 SEO optimized blog posts containing pillar content
  • 5 podcast episodes where you interview the client or coach them through their first shows without you

2) Offer a simple copywriting service to improve conversions. Help your clients improve (or even write the first versions) of the words on these 4 key pages:

  • Sales page
  • Pricing page
  • Home page
  • About page

3) Offer a simple instructional design service where you help clients do some or all of the following:

  • Organize their expertise into an online course curriculum outline
  • Create a slide deck for your client’s instruction needs
  • Create a recording studio experience in person or virtually to ensure the information product content gets created on time and without technical friction

4) Offer a simple care plan so they never have to worry about keeping the site updated, and you get steady recurring revenue. Consider adding these items to your care plan:

  • Software updates, testing and backups
  • Emergency support
  • Some hours of website implementation time
  • Proactive review and recommendations (no one does this; huge opportunity here)

5) Offer a simple sales conversion event design package. A sales conversion event is a mechanism through which the website visitor experiences a sales process and makes the decision to buy. Help your client build this valuable tool! It could be a:

  • Webinar
  • Strategy call
  • Trial experience

6) Offer a simple community management package. A client may have a community of prospects and/or customers. Create a package to:

  • Create or optimize a group
  • Manage the group enrollment flow
  • Moderate the group
  • Help post regular useful content for the group

Chris started building WordPress websites for clients back in 2010. He experienced all that pain of low profits, constantly having to find new clients, doing great work, but clients were not fully satisfied. It was through all that pain and having to become a full stack bootstrapped entrepreneur himself, that he began to get the perspective that the website is a small piece of a bigger pie. What clients actually need help with is the whole pie.

“As soon as Chris started offering additional marketing services, social media help, sales help, and more … only then did his clients become truly satisfied.”

Chris Badgett, LifterLMS CEO

Many agency owners think they have to be really good at their craft to be outstanding in their field. That’s a myth. Or rather it’s an outdated model.

“A more profitable mindset is to put our customer at the center of our business (instead of our services). When we see the world this way, we understand the need to expand our service offering to solve our agency customer’s problems in a more wholistic way.”

It can feel scary like you have to abandon your old customers if they can’t afford your new service offering. This is not the case! And you can start servicing those that couldn’t afford you anyway too! Just divide your service offering up into 3 levels:

  • Do-it-yourself (DIY) – Clients get the results on their own by taking premium courses on your website powered by a WordPress LMS and them doing all the work
  • Done-with-you (DWY) – Clients get a great website through your services and you offer some quick advice or referrals around their other needs
  • Done-for-you (DFY) – Clients get top results through your full suite of done for you agency offerings