Using Course Categories


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Course categories are helpful for organizing courses by whatever variable groups of courses have in common.

This is especially helpful for websites that have a large catalog of courses like Universities.


Creating and Assigning Course Categories

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While viewing the course page in WordPress, click on “Document.” Navigate down to the categories area where you can create new course categories and assign course categories.


Course Category Archives

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When you create a new course category you also creating a page that will display the course tiles of the courses in that category. This is called a course category archive page.

To view all your course category archive pages, navigate in WordPress to LifterLMS > Courses > Course Categories.

There you will see a screen like this:

If you would like to view the frontend course category archive page from here, simply click on the course category name you would like to view.

Course Category Shortcodes

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If you would like to display only the course tiles from a specific course category anywhere on your website, then you can use the courses shortcode with the category parameter.

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