Adding Support Contacts to Your Account

What are support contacts?

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Support Contacts are developers, consultants, or any 3rd parties you have granted access to help you with these tasks:

  • View and manage downloads
  • View and manage support tickets on your behalf

A support contact does not have the ability to:

  • Purchase anything on your behalf
  • Set products to auto-renew
  • Cancel renewals
  • Access your order information
  • Access your private account information, including credit card details.

Adding a Support Contact

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The person you’d like to add as a support contact on your license must have a account, and they can register for a free account here.


LifterLMS My Account Page

To add a support contact to your license:

  • Log into your account.
  • Locate the license you’d like to add a collaborator to and click on the support contact button.


LifterLMS Add Support Contacts

  • Enter the email address for the person you’d like to be a support contact on your license and click on the Add Support Contact button.


LifterLMS Adding Support Contacts

Your support contact(s) can view and manage licenses they’ve been granted access to via their account.

To remove a support contact you can click on the blue Remove link.

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