Subdomain for LifterLMS vs Main Domain?

Sometimes user want to use 2 website, one is main website/ Main domain and another one is a subdomain website. Basically, user use 2 website to maintain the content and user experience differently. Usually user add the Home section, marketing content on main website and install LifterLMS on a subdomain.

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For example, your main website is and your course website (subdomain) will be where you will host your courses or LifterLMS. So people will access all the advertisement, blogs everything on and when they will visit they will be able to buy and access the courses or memberships.

Also you can use different theme, plugins on main website. So when you will use main domain and subdomain, you can use different them foe each website as well.

Main Domain

On your main website, install a theme, and the plugins you want to add. Create home page and other stuff you want to show on main website. Design the website as you want.


After completing the main website now it’s time for the subdomain where we will install LifterLMS. Like a normal website, install LifterLMS on your subdomain, and add theme and other plugins.

Here is a process on how to install LifterLMS. After installing LifterLMS create courses and design your subdomain website.

Connect courses to main website

Now the process will be to link the courses website to main website, so when user is convinced to purchase the courses they can move from your main website to the subdomain.

On your main website add buttons or direct link to your courses access plan then copy the access plan link form you and paste it on main website.

This is how you easily maintain 2 domain at a same time.

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