Staging Sites and LifterLMS Recurring Payments

Automatically Identifying a Staging Site

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LifterLMS watches the WordPress Site Address (the address of your website that is configurable under WordPress Settings -> General -> Site Address (URL) and stores a copy of it in the database.

During transition from a live site to a staging site, this value will change and will no longer match the value stored by LifterLMS.

When this happens, you’ll be greeted by a message on the admin panel asking if you’d like to disable automatic recurring payments.




Check Recurring Payments Status

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You can check the current status of the recurring payments setting by navigating to “LifterLMS Settings -> General” and finding the “FEATURES” section.

The current status will be recorded next to “Automatic Recurring Payments”

Updating the Current Status

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If you change your mind or want to change the setting you can force the notice displayed when LifterLMS identifies a change by clicking the “Reset Automatic Payments” button on the LifterLMS -> Status -> Tools & Utilities tab.

Clicking this button will displays the nag notification where you can enable or disable the staging status of the orders. This button does not toggle the actual setting.

So after clicking the button, make sure you choose to enable or disable from within the warning notice!

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