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If you’re not sure what a filter is and want to get started, take a look at the WordPress Codex reference on filters and the core function, add_filter().

Filters can be added to your theme’s or child theme’s functions.php file or to a site-specific plugin. We’ve created a very basic site-specific plugin for this purpose, you can get it for free here.

If you’re a developer and you’re looking to filter something, you probably can. If it’s not listed here please check the codebase first and then submit a support ticket if you need help locating a filter.


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Customize the number of comments shown per page with LifterLMS Private Areas.


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Disable HTML quick tags for discussion (commenting) on Private Area posts.

Same as above, but allows admins to use HTML quicktags on the admin panel (disables for students on frontend only):


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Customize the default status of a Private Area post when duplicating a Private Area post.

NOTE: if you set to publish, notifications will be sent IMMEDIATELY possilby resulting in a student getting a duplicate notification!


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Customize the length (in words) of Private Area post excerpts.


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Allow additional roles to discuss a Private Area post from the admin panel.


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Prevent the posted time from displaying for Private Area posts.

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