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LaunchPad contains a number of layout options which allow you to customize the layout of a single post so that it differs from the default settings defined in your LaunchPad Layout settings.

These settings are available for the following post types:

Layout Options

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The following settings can be configured for each post:

  • Alternate Navigation
    • Choose which menu you’d like to display for this post. You may optionally disable the menu output entirely.
  • Hide Title
    • Check this box to disable the post title from being output
  • Hide Header
    • Check this box to disable the entire header area for this post.
  • Hide Footer Widgets Area
    • Check this box to disable the footer widgets are from displaying for this post.
  • Default Layout
    • Choose the sidebar layout for this post or use a full-width layout with no sidebars
  • Page Header Content
    • Add additional custom content to be output in the header below the logo and navigation area

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