New Editor, WordPress 5.0+ and Gutenberg Getting Started Guide


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WordPress 5.0 introduced a new editor for WordPress that was code named “Gutenberg.”

The new editor for WordPress allows you to build content with blocks like:

  • paragraphs
  • images
  • embeds
  • headings
  • widgets
  • columns
  • etc.

Plugins that have evolved with WordPress 5.0 like LifterLMS allow you to use the new editor wherever the LifterLMS plugin used to use the old editor like on the course and membership pages.

LifterLMS also now provides you with LifterLMS specific blocks that you can use to build out custom course layouts and rearrange and control settings for the various LifterLMS “blocks” like:

  • course description
  • course continue button
  • course progress
  • course syllabus
  • LifterLMS pricing table


Minimum WordPress and Plugin Requirements To Use the New Editor

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Make sure you are on a version of WordPress after 5.0.

Make sure you are on a version of LifterLMS after 3.25.

Using Blocks

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Blocks can be added anywhere the new editor displays by

STEP 1) Press the “Plus” button at the top of the screen


Step 2) Choose a block by clicking on it (which will add it to the bottom of the screen)


Step 3) Interact with the block and explore the block settings on the side of the screen


Step 4) Move the block to a new location by dragging or clicking the “Move Up” button


Post Settings

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Explore more LifterLMS post settings and other features by clicking on the rocket icon at the top right.

In the image below, you can see how you would add the course instructors in this area.

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