What else can I include in a membership besides course to increase the value of my offer

LifterLMS is a complete membership plugin solution in addition to being a LMS plugin.

All the membership functionality you would ever need is inside LifterLMS.

Memberships in LifterLMS are often used to sell access to several courses at once. This is also commonly called a course bundle.

But there are a lot more things you can include as a benefit to a membership in addition to access to courses.

Here are some example additional things you could include as a benefit to a membership:

  • Access to members only pages on your website
  • Access to members only posts on your website
  • Access to members only forums
  • Access to private coaching
  • Access to group coaching
  • Access to live events
  • Access to other products
  • Access to services
  • Access to live office hours or “Ask Me Anything” meetings
  • Access to members only webinars
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