LifterLMS Private Areas Shortcodes

Private Area Information

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Displays information about a private area for the current student for a course or membership

If used on a LifterLMS Course or Membership no post_id is required.

If used on a LifterLMS Lesson or Quiz, the related courses post_id will be used.


Name Accepts Default Description
post_id int null Accepts the WP Post ID. If none supplied, uses the current post ID.
title string null Add a title above the additional information. Use an empty string to disable the title. If parameter not supplied, the default will be the title of the Area as defined in your settings.
latest boolean true Toggle the display of the “Latest Private Post” information
unread_posts boolean true  Toggle the display of the “Unread Private Posts” count
unread_comments boolean true   Toggle the display of the “Unread Comments” count


[llms_pa_info title=”My Custom Title” latest=”true” unread_posts=”true” unread_comments=”true”]

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