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Preview management allows site administrators to elect user roles which will automatically bypass all LifterLMS restrictions, such as prerequisites, enrollment, and drip settings.

A user of the correct role additionally has the ability to preview LifterLMS content as either a Visitor (not enrolled) or a Student (enrolled). This allows easier course creation and management for course builders, especially for courses with complicated drip and restriction settings.

Configuring Unrestricted Preview Roles

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You can select which user roles are granted unrestricted access by selecting the roles from the option at LifterLMS -> Settings -> General under “Unrestricted Preview Access”

Viewing as Students or Visitors

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When viewing LifterLMS Courses, Lessons, or Memberships, the WordPress Admin bar will show what role you are currently viewing the content as.

View As

Select the role from the dropdown menu to be redirected to a private preview of the current screen as the role of your choice.

The Myself view will remove all prerequisite and enrollment restrictions allowing you to navigate around your course and edit content easily.

The Student view will show you as enrolled. You will see the course progress and continue button and will see that course enrollment restrictions have been removed. You will see restrictions like drip and course period as normal.

The Visitor view will show you what the screen will look like to a public (non-enrolled) visitor. On a course you will see restriction tooltips and notices as well as content only visible to non-enrolled visitors like pricing tables.

In both the Myself and Student views you will be able to mark lessons as completed. This will adjust overall course reporting statistics but will have no side-effects otherwise. If you wish for a true student experience, we recommend creating a test user for yourself.

Video Walkthrough

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