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Action Overview

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If you’re not sure what a filter is and want to get started, take a look at the WordPress Codex reference on filters and the core function, add_action().

Actions can be added to your theme’s or child theme’s functions.php file or to a site-specific plugin. We’ve created a very basic site specific for this purpose, you can get it for free here.

NOTE: This is a largely incomplete list of actions available with LifterLMS. We’re trying to get everything more thoroughly documented with code snippets and examples. In the meantime, you can click here for a full list of actions.

If you’re a developer and you’re looking to filter something, you probably can. If it’s not listed here please check the codebase first and then submit a support ticket if you need help locating a filter.

Catalog Actions

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lifterlms_archive_description & lifterlms_after_main_content

Output custom content before or after the dynamic course/membership catalog content

Checkout Page

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Output custom content before the checkout form.


Output custom content after the checkout form.

Course Template Actions

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The following actions output various pieces of content on LifterLMS Course Pages:

Hook Function Priority Description
lifterlms_single_course_before_summary lifterlms_template_single_featured_image 10  Outputs featured image
lifterlms_single_course_before_summary lifterlms_template_single_video 20 Outputs course video embed
lifterlms_single_course_before_summary lifterlms_template_single_audio 30 Outputs course audio embed
lifterlms_single_course_after_summary lifterlms_template_single_meta_wrapper_start 5 Outputs meta information wrapper opening markup
lifterlms_single_course_after_summary lifterlms_template_single_length 10 Outputs course length information
lifterlms_single_course_after_summary lifterlms_template_single_difficulty 20 Output course difficulty information
lifterlms_single_course_after_summary lifterlms_template_single_course_tracks 25 Output course track list
lifterlms_single_course_after_summary lifterlms_template_single_course_categories 30 Output course category list
lifterlms_single_course_after_summary lifterlms_template_single_course_tags 35 Output course tag list
lifterlms_single_course_after_summary lifterlms_template_course_author 40 Output course author name, bio, and image
lifterlms_single_course_after_summary lifterlms_template_single_meta_wrapper_end 50 Output meta information closing wrapper markup
lifterlms_single_course_after_summary lifterlms_template_single_prerequisites 55 Output warning about required prerequisites
lifterlms_single_course_after_summary lifterlms_template_pricing_table 60 Outputs the pricing table (only for non-enrolled users and visitors)
lifterlms_single_course_after_summary lifterlms_template_single_course_progress 60 Output the course progress bar and continue button (enrolled students only)
lifterlms_single_course_after_summary lifterlms_template_single_syllabus 90 Output the course syllabus
lifterlms_single_course_after_summary lifterlms_template_single_reviews 100 Output reviews (when enabled)

Need some examples of how to remove these actions? See: How can I remove the display of the course syllabus, author, and more?

Want to add information before of after any of these elements? Here’s an example:


Lesson Template Actions

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The following actions output various pieces of content on LifterLMS Lesson Pages:

Hook Function Priority Description
lifterlms_single_lesson_before_summary lifterlms_template_single_parent_course 10 Outputs the “Back to course” link at the top of a lesson
lifterlms_single_lesson_before_summary lifterlms_template_single_lesson_video 20 Outputs lesson featured video embed
lifterlms_single_lesson_before_summary lifterlms_template_single_lesson_audio 20 Outputs lesson featured audio embed
lifterlms_single_lesson_after_summary lifterlms_template_complete_lesson_link 10 Outputs the mark (in)complete / take quiz button
lifterlms_single_lesson_after_summary lifterlms_template_lesson_navigation 20 Outputs the Next / Previous lesson tiles

Enrollment Actions

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Allows custom functions to be run when a student is enrolled in a course


Allows custom functions to be run when a student is enrolled in a membership


Allows custom functions to be run when a student is removed from a course


Allows custom functions to be run when a student is removed from a membership

Student Dashboard Actions

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The following actions output various pieces of content on LifterLMS Student Dashboard:

Hook Function Priority Description
lifterlms_before_student_dashboard_content lifterlms_template_student_dashboard_header 10 Outputs the dashboard header area. Includes the page title & navigation
lifterlms_student_dashboard_header lifterlms_template_student_dashboard_navigation 10 Outputs the dashboard navigation bar
lifterlms_student_dashboard_header lifterlms_template_student_dashboard_title 20 Outputs the dashboard page title
lifterlms_student_dashboard_index lifterlms_template_student_dashboard_my_courses 10 Outputs the recent courses list on the dashboard index page
lifterlms_student_dashboard_index lifterlms_template_student_dashboard_my_achievements 20 Outputs the achievements section on the dashboard index page
lifterlms_student_dashboard_index lifterlms_template_student_dashboard_my_certificates 30 Outputs the certificates section on the dashboard index page
lifterlms_student_dashboard_index lifterlms_template_student_dashboard_my_memberships 40 Outputs the memberships section on the dashboard index page

Each of these actions can be removed by using remove_action():

User Actions

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Allows custom functions to be run when a student completes a lesson

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