I just purchased, LifterLMS how do I download the software?


Before installing LifterLMS, you have to make sure that the minimum requirements are met in order to have a seamless journey with LifterLMS.

Click here for the minimum system requirements in order to use LifterLMS

Now that we have the requirements out of the way, let’s dive in…

There are two ways to Install LifterLMS. We have the Automatic Installation and the Manual Installation.

Automatic Installation

This is the simplest way to install LifterLMS as it utilizes WordPress to handle file transfers and you never need to leave the web browser or admin panel.

    • Log in to your WordPress dashboard.


    • Navigate to Plugins -> Add New


    • In the search field type “LifterLMS” and click “Search Plugins”


    • Once you’ve located LifterLMS click “Install Now”


    Once installation is complete, click “Activate”

Manual Installation

To manually install LifterLMS you’ll need to download the zip file using the “Download” link on the WordPress.org website. Click here for the direct link to the LifterLMS WordPress plugin page. You’ll then need to use FTP to manually upload the files to the proper directory on your webserver.

Please see this WordPress Codex document for full instruction on Manual Plugin Installation.

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